we really should be practicing…

“scary” from the terrordactyls on Vimeo.

Gift for Michael

If any of you love me, you will buy me this.



And this…


Check out this sweet picture that I found while I was searching for pictures of refrigerator costumes on the internet:


here’s what’s up…

Hey peeps,

Not a whole lot going on…

We are starting to plan a WEST COAST TOUR for mid-late MAY. It’s gonna be fun. We’ll be playing a little more electric stuff, so it’ll hopefully more of a party than usual. Let us know if you want us to play in your town!

We have a few songs playing in this new MTV show called My Life As Liz. It’s kinda gross. It’s also kinda satisfying. The girl that is organizing it is really nice, but I still don’t trust Viacom at all… Hopefully, we’ll a least make a few bucks out of it to have Rage Mountain worked on and mastered in time for tour.

In other news, we are opening for Rocky Votolato again in March, but this time with Adam Stephens from Two Gallants! It’s Rocky’s Seattle record release show. We really love both of their music and have been listening to it for years. Come hang out!




Our friend Joel brought this to our attention:


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